Sometimes, the best way to resolve a dispute is to seek the help of a mediator. In most cases, mediation is a much more time efficient and affordable resolution of a case than going to court would be. That is why mediation is referred to as an alternative dispute resolution method. It is very rare to find two people at extreme ends or opposites of each other and that is what mediation tries to bring forward to the table. Most parties involved in a case usually want to resolve the case quickly and spend as little as possible doing so; therefore, mediation is very likely the first common ground that two opposing sides may have and a great start to resolve a dispute.

A mediator is a neutral person who seeks to resolve a dispute by helping both sides reach a point of settlement. If both sides reach a verbal agreement, a written settlement agreement will be drafted by the mediator and signed by the two sides. This settlement will be final and binding in the matter resolved.

It's important to note that most civil cases can go through mediation even if they are in the process of being litigated and that not all matters must be resolved or settled in mediation to form a binding settlement agreement on the ones that have been resolved. 

Examples of cases that may be mediated are:

Family or Divorce disputes
Landlord and Tenant disputes
Contract disputes
Neighbor or Nuisance disputes

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